Commercial Web Services

Medifusion is one of the UK’s leading retail price comparison companies, specialising in a range of entertainment and lifestyle websites, which compare product prices from across the web to find the best deals. Our intelligent price comparison engine serves hundreds of web sites throughout the UK.

Our extensive list of 'Find-' price comparison services include DVD and Blu-Ray, CD and music downloads, books, computer games, electrical goods, mobile phones and TVs, as well as the latest edition to our portfolio, accommodation.


Join The Medifusion Partner Programme

Become a Medifusion partner and earn a revenue for your website, simply sign up and link to our price comparison website or add our web services to your site.


  • Free to join
  • Earn commission on all purchases made through our comparison sites
  • Simple to implement
  • A wide choice of price comparison tools to suit your needs, choose from banners, text links, widgets and XML Web Services
  • A choice of price comparison websites for you to link to – DVD, CD, Book, Game, Hotel, Electrical Goods, TV and Phone
  • Saves your website users time and money, as we’ll search all the retailers for you to bring them the best deal within seconds!
  • Intelligent price comparison


Partner programme

Medifusion's partner programme provides an indirect sales channel and additional revenue stream for your business.