Medifusion was formed in 2003 by a small group of software engineers with a particular interest in an emerging technology known as web services. This technology enables disparate computer systems to share data and functionality over the web.

Since the early days Medifusion has developed web services for both the commercial and public sectors, providing everything from administrative and clinical services for Trusts in the NHS to comprehensive price comparison services for large e-commerce web sites.

In early 2008 the growing public sector group was separated and a sister company formed; Medifusion Health Limited. This company was subsequently merged back into the parent and there is now only a single entity, Medifusion Limited.

The commercial sector of the business specialises in entertainment price comparison websites and we are now considered experts in this field. We have a wide range of websites in our portfolio including Find-DVD, Find-CD, Find-Game, Find-Electricalgoods and Find-Phone. The company also focuses on providing simple solutions to complex ecommerce problems, offering these services to other websites through our partner programme.

Our team, based in Cumbria and Staffordshire, consists of designers, software engineers, authors and editors and our aim is to provide informative, accurate and quick web services that can be consumed by other commercial organisations. Of course, we also offer these services through our own range of branded 'Find-' sites but we recognise the importance of our partners and we strive to be the best.

Medifusion operates with a strong business ethic and strategically does not target, or wish to enter, price comparison sectors relating to gambling, pornography (no adult content only sites) or other business sectors that may damage their brand.

As a business we now have 10 years experience in the entertainment comparison sector. Most of our partnerships with retailers are on a CPA, however since we have experienced strong year on year growth we are now on premium commission tiers or on a CPC rate for most retailers.

Our aim is to continue providing the most comprehensive price comparison service possible. We are continually expanding the number of products and retailers we offer, as well as investigating new vertical markets such as telecoms and travel. To be the best we must recruit the best (see our recruitment pages for a list of current vacancies).

We strive to offer a competitive service and our partners have access to statistics and earn at least 70% of the commission on all sales generated through our services; which, considering all they have to do is place a link to one or more of our websites, is a revenue making opportunity not to be missed!