Once a partner has signed up to the partner programme, there are a variety of solutions available to suit their needs, these include Affiliate Linking Tools, Comparison Content Units and our XML Web Services.

Affiliate Linking Tools

  • Text links – simply add a text link to one or more of our sites through adding our website address or other text to your site
  • Descriptive copy – we have a number of content editors available who can provide unique content for your website, a link can then be incorporated into this copy
  • Banners – a range of banners available for each price comparison site, simply place the banner on your website

Example banner:-


Comparison Content Units (Widgets)

Easily generate powerful price comparison content units with our Price Comparison Content Widget builder, they are so simple to build and you can drop them into your site in minutes – no hassle or programming.


  • Cross-network capability
  • No programming skills required what so ever
  • Ability to mixed product types on a widget, e.g. books, TVs, DVDs all on the same widget
  • No limits to the number of widgets you can build
  • Uses our powerful price comparison engine, when a user clicks on a 'widget', our web service returns prices from dozens of retailers that are presented on your site
  • Different widget sizes, colours, speeds and styles (carousels, slideshows etc)
  • Preview of your widgets before you publish them

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XML Web Services

This service enables partners to add a particular price comparison on to their website, this allows the content, products and prices to be available in a structured form for you to use on your website any way you want, rather than via a third party script over which you have no control. The XML response can be rendered in a manner to exactly suit the look and feel of your site, there is no mention of Medifusion, no links and no obtrusive branding, partners retain full control of their site and its content.

Because you don’t hold a product catalogue and list of retailers, whenever a user requests prices for a product your web server will make a call to our web service. We return the results in an XML document for your web server to format and serve to the user in a form that gives you 100% control. Our web services can also be consumed by other embedded objects such as FLASH and ActiveX controls

All of our Price Comparison services are easy to use, quick to implement and seamless in execution. Partners can add price comparison to almost any site within a few hours and any maintenance involved is very low. Partner sites do not have to manage the update and addition of new products, they have no database to manage. A partner site can choose to exclude a specific retailer (or retailers) from their results or we can do this on your behalf, for example for those sites not wishing to promote their competitors’ brands.

Medifusion also takes care of the tracking of commissions through a dedicated set of affiliate network accounts. We provide comprehensive documentation and support and our technical experts are always on hand to help.

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